Honest and reliable flooring company in Chigwell, dyst free floor sanding.

Dust free floor sanding service in Chigwell.


With newest dust free floor sanding equipment we can restore your parquets, solid hardwood floorboards or old pine floorboards without worrying about dust which is limited to 98%. We own floor sanding machines of both well known in Europe producers , Bona and Lagler which are suitable for other purposes. The companies, under market competition bringing top quality flooring equipment to professionals and you. 


With huge experience and craftman's attitude we are making sure that our flooring company bringing only professional service to all our clients: 


-  using dust extractors for all floor finishing machines and vacuum cleaning between each cycles of floor sanding.  

- restoring all types of wooden floors with attention to details scraping all corners and sanding with delta sander.

- keeping sanding dust to a really minimum threre is no need for furniture covering and in more cases larger furniture can stay in a rooms.

- we offer written free written quotation within 24h from visit.

- by using professional floor finishing products such as varnishes, floor oils, stains of main brands only

Parquet sanding , staining dark oak and varnishing in Chigwell