Dust free floor sanding in Enfield, Lime wash

Professional flooring services in Enfield, floor fitting.

Please be sure that we are the right floor sanding company in Enfield, dust free sanding.


All flooring projects undertaken with passion to wooden floors by real craftsmen and experienced professionals. Experience gained nation widely with many years in the flooring trade. Installpro is certified by well known floor sanding machines manufacturers in the world Lagler UK. We own the newest models of their top equipment and thanks of that we can offer you our dust free floor sanding in Enfield.


The company is able to undertake old floorboards sanding: solid pine floorboards,  old parquets restoration, old solid oak flooring, engineered floors and any wooden floor sanding and varnishing.  We can repair any floors and fills gaps between floorboards with sanding and finishing. The best and reliable method of gaps filling is always filling with reclaimed pine slivers which will match the colour and age of your antique pine floors. Traditional filling with resin and wood dust also gaps filling under skirting boards. We can finish any sanded floors up to your requirements with floor staining in any available colours such us: antique pine, dark oak, light oak, mahogany or any custom made colour, we can do floor lime wash or grey wash, active staining oak floors or for most natural finish floor oiling and varnishing with translucent water based one or two components.

Old pine floorboards sanding and staining dark - Wenge colour with three coats of matt water based varnish in Enfield.


The old floors usually needs gaps filling to improve insulation and draught profing. 


It is quite often that there is concrete hearth which normally can be replaced with reclaimed floorboards.

Installpro flooring offers wooden floor fitting services in Enfield.


All types of wooden floor laying and finishing, "secret nailing" method of solid wood floors installation by nailing floorboards through tongue to a wooden subfloors or directly to floor joists or wooden battens, solid wood floors glueing to concrete floors or on to plywood subfloors. Installpro can install any parquet in all styles by glueing directly to wooden or concrete subfloors.

All engineered floors fitting as an floating floor , laid over underlay with use of flooring straps for clean joints between planks and professional floor finish.

Engineered flooring in Enfield

Engineered floor fitting in Enfield.


Kahrs antique oak floor brushed and oiled with highlighted grain, knots and repairs.

Installpro flooring in Enfield will install any raclaimed wooden floor with professionall finish as and antiqu floor or more uniform with kept antique floor look. All reclaimed floors are fitted by direct nailing through surface to joists or over existing foorboards or by glueing to wooden subfloors or even concrete with additional preparation. Reclaimed flooring is more and more popular in Enfield and London and people loves the flooring all modern and old properties.

Flooring in Enfield

This reclaimed pine flooring is installed over the existing floorboards with additional sound proofing up to the requirements of building control for impact noise reduction of 19db.


Antique pine floor is stained in Dark oak colour and varnished with top quality water based , polyurethan varnish.


Reclaimed flooring is very popular in all types of properties include modern houses and as here in a flat.

We are pleased to offer our Lime wash floor in Enfield. These type of flooring will bring stylish interiors oryginal finish to all types of houses. Our white wash floors are usually made from old floorboards from underneath the carpets in nearly which you can find in nearly all older properties. Floors with Lime washing are made with acrylic based components and are user friendly.