Professional dust free floor sanding services in Walthamstow

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Old floorboards restorations become very popular especially for those who don't want to spend too much money but wants to have lovely , original old floorboards restoration. You can get beautifully restored floor for a price of fitting a laminate flooring or for about half price of hardwood floor fitting. 


Optionally we offer gaps filling with pine slivers for gaps over 4mm wide. It's the most reliable method of filling for pine floorboards. Pine slivers are hammer bashed and glued between pine planks making the floor solid and such a filling will last for much longer - if not forever ;)


Dust free sanding in Walthamstow


We are flooring specialists providing dust free floor sanding and varnishing in Walthamstow.  Our flooring services will include all hardwood floors fitting and finishing, all types of parquets sanding and restoration, solid wood flooring installation and sanding, engineered floors dust free sanding and polishing.  


We are achieving any type of floor finish on customer's request: floor lime washing , wooden floor white Osmo oiling, grey washing , active oak staining, floor brushing services, traditional floor boards sanding and varnishing. 


Installpro is professional floor fitting company in Walthamstow and area, we will install your flooring with warranty and public liability insurance to high quality finish.

Dust free floor sanding Walthamstow

Quick comparison:      


old floorboards sanding price 18£   vs  laminate flooring   23£           =   about 5£ difference, cheaper for pine flooring


old floorboards sanding price 18£  vs  oak hardwood  flooring 40£    =   over half price difference, sanding is cheaper


old floorboards sanding price 18£  vs  carpet...???                       

=  nobody's fitting carpet today, get the old floor sanded