Dust free floor sanding in Wanstead, Lime wash

High quality flooring services in Wanstead, wooden floor fitting.

We offer high quality flooring services in Wanstead. All undertaken flooring projects are warranted and with public liability insurance. 


Installpro flooring is specialised in dust free floor sanding for all hardwood floors. With many years experience our professional staff are experts in all types of wooden flooring. We are certified by well known sanding machines manufacturers  - Lagler however we own and use other brands such us Bona which in combination can bring the optimal results in all floor sanding works. Our floors are finished table top thanks to the newest floor finishing technology - Trio floor finisher where final sanding is done with industrial, dust free orbital sander. 

The below example shows the quality of our sanded floors in Wanstead. The image is before and after floor sanding where  the engineered oak floor is finished  with the orbital, Trio sander and as you can see the finish is table top and floor is as new.

Flooring Wanstead
Flooring in Wanstead
Flooring  service in Wanstead

We are specialist in old parquets restoration therefore is you have found one under the carpets do not hesitate to contact us as for sure it can be made nearly as new , or as sanded antique parquet. We can rid off the pine - orangey colour from your old parquets by sanding and finishing your floor with stain or for more modern finish with Osmo colour oils. Old parquets can be white wash or just varnished. For most natural finish we are always recommend oiling and buffing . 


Parquet floor finishing used to be a problem but not now with the orbital finisher Trio which is sanding the floor in all directions and any parquet floor pattern can be sanded in any direction by belt sander and than finished with orbital Trio.


The old pine parquet below was white washed with one coat Osmo oil and for more light colour another coat can be applied. Client wanted to get rid of the orangey colour of old pine parquet and the result is original.

Parquet lime wash in Wanstead
Parquet fitting and sanding in Wanstead

Installpro offers old pine floorboards sanding in Wanstead. All wooden floorboards from underneath a carpets can be restored for 

half the price of new wooden floors or even cheaper. The results of such an floors sanding are unexpectedly good and it become very popular in Londons old houses. Old floorboards are usually finished as an antique floor due to the age of the flooring.


With special preparation, concrete hearths removal, gaps filling between old floorboards which brings additional insulation and draughts proofing and by floor sanding  we can bring you really original floor. It can be finished in many ways up to your preferences: old flooring can be lime wash or grey wash , we can get any floor colour by staining it and for example Dark oak colour is very interesting with white interiors where light oak staining is more universal. Newer floorboards can be always stained as an antique pine to mach the older planks.



Floorboards sanding in Wanstead

This image shows old floorboards sanding in Wanstead and staining in dark oak, there are some planks replaced with newer wood but it is hardly noticeable because it was stained to mach the existing flooring 


There is one floorboards fitted around the fireplace hearth and old concrete fireplace is removed.


Gaps filling with pine slivers for the best and reliable finish although there is cheaper method of filling available - with flexible filler.

Installpro flooring in Wanstead is undertaking all wooden floor fitting projects professionally and with passion. All flooring installations are to high standart and warranted, with public liability insurance.  


We fit all types of solid wooden floors by nailing to wooden - plywood subfloors or directly to floor joists or wooden battens, solid wood floors can also be laid over concrete floor by glueing it directly to specially prepared with liquid damp proofing component concrete floors. It is very important to allow for acclimatisation of solid wood floors accordingly to manufacturers recommendation and wood floor laying can not be allowed if the subfloor moisture content is not within a limit.


All solid oak and hardwood floors are always recommended to be laid over wooden subfloors due to increased expansion and shrinkage which is noticeable not as with engineered floors which can be fitted on any type of subfloor. Engineered floors are more universal because those type of floors are expanding and shrinking inside the engineered floor thanks of plywood of softwood used as an base.

Installpro floor fitters are familiar with all types of reclaimed wood floor fitting in Wanstead. All reclaimed floors are professionally finished with top quality floor finishing components such us: Bona Mega or Bona Traffic, Osmo oils, Morells stains etc...


Our reclaimed floors are unique and all projects are undertaken with passion and knowledge.


Please do not hesitate to arrange for free written quotation within 12 hours after visit.