​​Dust free sanding services in London, Lime wash

Installpro flooring in Woodfrord, reliable and honest service.

Please note. These prices are only example prices for our flooring and all projects require separate quotation where all aspect such as: floor condition, gaps filling (pine slivers or traditional filling), repairs to flooring, concrete hearth removal and floorboards fitting, type of finish (staining, lime washing, oiling) are taken to account.

Flooring Loughton and Woodford
Hardwood Oak stairs

Solid hardwood floor fitted on stairs, stairs 


Solid oak wood floor installed on stairs , staining varnishing with top quality water based , ultra matt varnish for natural finish.


Price: from 600£

Flooring Brentwood, flooring services
Engineered hardwood floor sanding
​Dust free floor sanding


Solid and engineered hardwood floor dust free sanding services​, parquet floor dust free sanding, Herringbone parquets dust free sanding


Price: from 15£ per sq.m.

Floorboards sanding
​Old, antique pine floor sanding and finishing


Floor sanding with final coarse of 120 grit and three coats of professional varnish for heavy traffic , gap filling mixed method of pine slivers and wood resin mixed with sanding dust.

Price: from 18£ per sq.m.

Lime washing

Antique and modern floors white or lime washed


Lime wash , rustic effect of old style houses where lime wash was applied on to a wooden floor  to create protection. Very modern in places where Victorian style is wanted.


Price: from 20£ per sq.m.

floor installation, sanding staining, varnishing

Wooden floor staining

Floor sanding , staining , varnishing


Antique pine floor stained ,  with three coats of polyurethane varnish. Gap filling with sanding dust and wood resin  filler.


Price: from 20£ per sq.m.

Engineered floors - sanding

Hardwood floor sanding


Engineered hardwood floor restoration , sanding and varnishing of old oak floor , veneer 4mm.

​Final result - "as new"  described by customer.

Price: from 15£ per sq.m.

Solid hardwood floor installation

Floor fitting , secret nailing


Beautiful bamboo hardwood floor installation with "secret nailing" method where air pressure gun been used to nail a plank through a tongue to a wooden sub floor.

Price: from 16£per sq.m.