Flooring, dust free floor sanding services in Stamford Hill 

Wooden floor sanding: 


Installpro flooring provides old floorboards restoration in Stamford Hill and area. The great choice for flooring solution is old pine floor renovation which is unbeatable in value, bringing original and warm naturall wood finish. Price for old floorboards restoration can be compared to new carpet or laminate floor fitting but the results are much more interesting.


Prices are oscilating between 18-20£ per square meter for standard service which includes old floorboards sanding and varnishing. Final sanding is with 120grit orbital , finishing floor sander (Trio Lagler) and Three coats of industrial varnish such as Bona Mega , Morells Induro. 


As an option we offering gaps filling and floor repairs. For gaps filling between floorboards we use the method called filling with pine slivers. Such an gaps filling is for gaps over 4mm wide and it is the most reliable method of filling. For gaps less than 4mm wide traditionall filling with wood dust and resing is applied. For value we use flexible floor fillers which last long and are reliable as well. 


We can offer many types of floorboards finishing such as:


- naturall oiling with Osmo matt where this type of finishing is the most naturall because oils are soaking to the grain of wood bringing good protection against stains and greases. 


- varnishing with modern one or two components varnishes as Bona Mega or Bona Traffic for relaible and really long lasting floor finishing 


- wooden floor staining which brings whole pallet of wood colours available in the world such as dark oak staining, ligth oak, antique pine and many more. 


Dust free floor sanding in Stamford hill: 



We are providing dust free floor sanding for all parquets oak floors, engineered oak floors and solid hardwood oak floors. Our dust free sanding services are brought with newest models of floor sanding machines , hughe experience, skills and knowledge about wood floors. 


Prices for hardwood floor sanding in Stamford HIll are in range of 15-19£ per square meter for sanding and finishing with 120 grit orbital floor sander (Trio Lagler) and varnishing, three coats with industrial varnish such as Bona Mega, Bona Traffic, Induro Morellsetc...


Optionally we offer hardwood floors repair such as replacing of damaged blocks in parquet flooring or damaged floor boards for engineered or solid hardwood floors or just standart gaps filling with wood sanding dust mixed with resin - traditionall filling. 

Floor sanding Stamford Hill